Web development

In web development, regardless of the size of your company or the level of competition in your industry, we have the expertise and organization to make your business a success.

73% of companies are investing in web development to differentiate their brands.

Web development is the process of designing, developing, and managing websites. It encompasses web design, online publishing, web development, and database administration. It is the construction of an internet-based application, such as web pages.

Why you need web development:

The Internet will not disappear any time soon. It has developed into a gateway and the principal technique for doing research, making connections, being educated, and having fun all over the globe. Moreover, half of the world’s population was connected to the internet in 2021, when there were 4.66 billion users worldwide.

It should be no surprise that the web development sector is rising quickly, given the ever-increasing number of people who utilize the internet. 

Web Development can be divided into two distinct categories:

Frontend Development

is the process of creating a website’s graphical user interface using markup languages like HTML and CSS and scripting languages like JavaScript so that users can see and interact with it.

Front-end developers are responsible for the client-facing or user-facing side of websites, applications, and software; in other words, they work on what the end user sees.

Backend Development

The server side of a website is called the backend. It is the part of the website that users can’t see or interact with. It is the part of the software that users don’t directly interact with. It is used to store data and put it in order.

The back end is what users don’t see, while the front end is what they do. Back-end web developers ensure that everything works well behind the scenes on the websites, programs, and software servers.

Web development step by step:

The number of phases of web  development may vary, but regardless of how many there are, the result is almost always relatively consistent.

Building an online presence or making a website takes more than knowing how to code. To make a good website, you must go through several necessary steps in the web development process.

Think about how every step in web development is essential, no matter how big or small the project is. By knowing these steps, you can keep track of the whole process, figure out why and how things are done, and take charge of the project.

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